Internship at MLtechniques: Code Translation

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Internship: Code Translation

Short-term project, under the guidance of Vincent Granville, with potential for more diversified work over a longer time period, up to full time employment. Ideal for professionals interested in earning extra cash and experience, initially translating simple Perl scripts to professional Python code. Show us your code portfolio to be considered. No prior job experience required. Experience with Python graphics libraries and hash tables is a big plus. If you are familiar with R or other programming languages, sound, image, or video processing, please mention it. Students are welcome to apply. Must be available at least 5 hours a week.

The Perl code in question is on my GitHub repository, here (more to come). It is also included and described in details in my books, for instance in this book. Once translated to Python, the goal is to offer new editions, this time in Python.

Benefits include:

  • Free copy of our books, where the code is located
  • Acknowledged as author of the code, in our books

Email for consideration.

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