Month: October 2023

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Number Theory: Longest Runs of Zeros in Binary Digits of Square Root of 2

Studying the longest head runs in coin tossing has a very long history, starting in gaming and probability theory. Today, it has applications in cryptography and insurance. For random sequences or Bernoulli trials, the associated statistical properties and distributions have been studied in detail, even when the proportions of zero and one are different. Yet, […]

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New Book: Statistical Optimization for Generative AI and Machine Learning

With case studies, Python code, new open source libraries, and applications of the  GenAI game-changer technology known as NoGAN (194 pages).  This book covers optimization techniques pertaining to machine learning and generative AI, with an emphasis on producing better synthetic data with faster methods, some not even involving neural networks. NoGAN for tabular data is […]

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