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Podcast: Synthetic Data and Generative AI – Importance, Misconceptions and Applications

Fireside chat: Synthetic data – importance, misconceptions and applications In this video, Vincent talks about how synthetic data can be leveraged across various industries to enhance predictions and test blackbox systems leading to more fairness and transparency in AI. Hosted by Victor Chima, co-founder at Learncrunch.com. Topics discussed include: To learn more about synthetic data […]

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Video: Introduction to Machine Learning

This 30 minutes video features my interview about the upcoming course “Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI”, based on my new book with the same title. The course is described here, and to book is available here. Course participants get a free copy of the book. Both the course and the book include a solid […]

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Explainable AI Featured Posts Machine Learning Podcasts Synthetic Data

Explainable AI, Blackboxes and Synthetic Data

In this 45 minutes podcast hosted by Ben Cole, Executive Editor at TechTarget, Vincent Granville, founder of MLTechniques.com and Executive ML Scientist, discusses the following topics: This podcast comes with two attachments (videos) that further illustrate the problems discussed: In this Q&A, Vincent offers solutions to problems such as creating rich and meaningful synthetic data, […]

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Synthetic Data in Machine Learning: What, Why, How?

In this episode, Nicolai Baldin (CEO) and Simon Swan (Machine Learning Lead) of Synthesized are welcoming the founder of Data Science Central and MLTechniques.com Vincent Granville to discuss synthetic data generation, share secrets about Machine Learning on synthetic data, key challenges with synthetic data, and using generative models to solve issues related to fairness and […]

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