MLT Services And Sponsorship Opportunities

Our services fall into the following categories:

Sponsorship offers different options to reach out to a niche audience of Machine Learning decision makers and practitioners. Our LinkedIn newsletter has over 70k subscribers, combined with the 60k followers and 30k connections of our founder Dr. Vincent Granville, mostly in North America (over 50%) and Europe. Vincent, former founder of Data Science Central (acquired by Nasdaq-listed TechTarget) is regularly featured as a top influencer in machine learning.

Book or article sponsorship, as well as top placements in specific categories on (see here) or in our internal newsletter (see here), are also available upon request. We use tracking links to count uniques, with a guaranteed number of qualified leads.


We also offer the following services. In all cases, the guest/author is Vincent Granville:

  • Podcast, 45 to 60 minutes. See examples here.
  • Live speaking engagement / fireside chat, online or local to Seattle, 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Blog post, 600 to 800 words, see example here.
  • Long, high-quality technical articles (10+ pages), see PDF examples here.

If you also need promotional efforts on our end, all the aforementioned services can benefit from our marketing campaigns. To check for availability, more information, or reserve a spot, email Vincent Granville at, with the subject line “MLT sponsorship”.

We are located 2428, 35th Av. NE, Issaquah WA 98020, about 20 miles East of Seattle.

Training, Consulting, and Augmented Data Sets

Dr. Granville is a leading expert in synthetic data generation, whether applied to tabular data, computer vision or natural language processing. Many of his methods have been used to fight fraud, detect hard-to-find-patterns, scoring transactions, and in FinTech. Whether for corporate training, animated data visualizations, data modeling or generation, pattern detection or forecasting, generating trillions of highly random digits (stronger grade than anything else on the market), contact us for details, at

Intellectual Property

Our AI and machine learning research lab regularly invents new systems or better mouse traps to solve modern problems.  The techniques are usually published here and shared as open IP. However, if you need efficient proprietary solutions to integrate in your business, platform, or algorithm — in short a competitive edge — contact us. For instance, our scoring technology allows you to assign a score to each source in large language models (ChatGPT), to better select and rank the results shown to users. It was granted a patent in 2023 under the title “Method and system for scoring quality of traffic to network sites”, see here.

Advisory Roles

Vincent has experience in raising VC money, founding and self-funding startups, selling a business to a publicly traded company, growing a startup from the ground-up to successful exit, finding strategic partners or hires, optimizing costs to yield high profit margins — above 50% in his previous company. He is also well connected to many executives and decision makers and can introduce you to (or bring) new customers or funding. He may personally participate in seed funding rounds, as an angel investor.

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