Month: October 2022

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12 Machine Learning Books You Should Read in 2023

This complements the list that I posted earlier under the title “Math for Machine Learning: 14 Must-Read Books”, available here. Many of the following books have a free PDF version, their own website and GitHub repository, and usually you can purchase the print version. Some are self-published, with the PDF version regularly updated, and even […]

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From 3D Contour Plots to AI-Generated Art

Fun tutorial to learn how to make professional contour plots in Python, with incredible animated visualizations. At the intersection of machine learning, scientific computing, automated art, cartography, and video games. Section 3 is particularly interesting, as it shows all the work behind the scene, to complete this project in 20 hours when you have no […]

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What is a Data Video, How to Produce One in Python, and Why

Watch this 6-min video, discussing one aspect of Explainable AI. It features a spectacular data video done in Python, applied to shape classification for meteorites, on synthetic data. This video is an extract from my course “Intuitive Machine Learning and explainable AI”, available here, based on the book with same title, available here. This video […]

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Top 30 Machine Learning Influencers to Follow in 2023

This list is based on LinkedIn. Criteria for selection include the number of followers (above 50k), the relevancy and contributions to the field, relevant education and professional experience, as well as recent activity. To submit an entry, email us at, with the name of the candidate, a short bio, and a link to his/her […]

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Video: Introduction to Machine Learning

This 30 minutes video features my interview about the upcoming course “Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI”, based on my new book with the same title. The course is described here, and the book is available here. Course participants get a free copy of the book. Both the course and the book include a solid […]

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