Month: March 2022

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Very Deep Neural Networks Explained in 40 Seconds

Very deep neural networks (VDNN) illustrated with data animation: a 40 second video, featuring supervised learning, layers, neurons, fuzzy classification, and convolution filters. Discussed in details with Python code in my book “Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI”, available here. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here instead, I use […]

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Internship at MLtechniques: Code Translation

Interested in working 100% remotely for a fast paced digital company in the AI field? We offer off-the-beaten-path opportunities to machine learning experts, software engineers and beginners. Check out all our current openings, here. Internship: Code Translation Short-term project, under the guidance of Vincent Granville, with potential for more diversified work over a longer time […]

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New Book: Stochastic Processes and Simulations – A Machine Learning Perspective

New edition with Python code. Described as a “gem” or “masterpiece” by some readers. Buy the book here. Introduction This scratch course on stochastic processes covers significantly more material than usually found in traditional books or classes. The approach is original: I introduce a new yet intuitive type of random structure called perturbed lattice or […]

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Books Machine Learning

Book Review: Probabilistic Machine Learning

By Kevin Murphy, MIT Press (2022). This is one of the best machine learning books that I purchased in the last few years. Very comprehensive, covering a lot of statistical science too. The level is never too high, despite a few advanced concepts being discussed. There is a lot of focus on applications, especially image […]

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ML with Excel Statistical Science

Advanced Machine Learning with Basic Excel – Part 1

It is amazing what you can do with a simple tool such as Excel. In this series, I share some of my spreadsheets. They cover many topics, including multiple types of regression, model-free confidence intervals, resampling, an original technique known as hidden decision trees, scatter plots with multiple groups, advanced visualization techniques, and more. No […]

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