Month: September 2023

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NoGAN: New Generation of Synthetic Data (Video)

My talk at the Generative AI Conference, London, September 2023. View or download the PowerPoint presentation, here. I introduce a new, NoGAN alternative to standard tabular data synthetization. It is designed to run faster by several orders of magnitude, compared to training generative adversarial networks (GAN). In addition, the quality of the generated data is […]

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GenAI: Fast Data Synthetization with Distribution-free Hierarchical Bayesian Models

Deep learning models such as generative adversarial networks (GAN) require a lot of computing power, and are thus expensive. Also, they may not convergence. What if you could produce better data synthetizations, in a fraction of the time, with explainable AI and substantial cost savings? This is what Hierarchical Deep Resampling was designed for. It […]

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New Python Library to Evaluate AI-generated Data and Compare Models

Called GenAI-Evalution, you use it for instance to assess the quality of tabular synthetic data. In this case, it measures how faithfully the synthetization mimics the real data it is derived from, by comparing the full joint empirical distributions (ECDF) attached to the two datasets. It works both with categorical and numerical features, and returns […]

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