Month: September 2022

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Course: Intuitive Machine Learning

This course is based on my book “Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI”, available here. To register, follow this link. To receive updates about my future courses, sign-up to my newsletter, here. The information below provides a brief overview of the course. Course Description Solid machine learning foundations presented by a world leading expert. Full life cycle […]

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Machine Learning Dictionary

Top entries are in bold, and sub-entries are in italics. This dictionary is from my new book “Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI”, available here and used as reference material for the course with the same name (see here). These entries are cross-referenced in the book to facilitate navigation, with backlinks to the pages where […]

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Explainable AI, Blackboxes and Synthetic Data

In this 45 minutes podcast hosted by Ben Cole, Executive Editor at TechTarget, Vincent Granville, founder of and Executive ML Scientist, discusses the following topics: This podcast comes with two attachments (videos) that further illustrate the problems discussed: In this Q&A, Vincent offers solutions to problems such as creating rich and meaningful synthetic data, […]

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New Book: Intuitive Machine Learning and Explainable AI

Intuitive Machine Learning with focus on explainable AI, human-friendly intelligence, powerful visualizations and applications. By Vincent Granville Ph.D, published in September 2022. PDF format, 156 pages. Version 1.0 with Python code. The book is available here. For my upcoming course based on this book, see here. This book covers the foundations of machine learning, with modern […]

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Advanced Machine Learning with Basic Excel

Entitled “Advanced Machine Learning with Basic Excel”, the full version in PDF format is accessible in the “Free Books and Articles” section, here. I discuss ensemble methods combining many mini decision trees, blended with regression, explained in simple English with both Excel and Python implementations. Case study: natural language processing (NLP) problem. Ideal reading for professionals who […]

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