Month: April 2023

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Autonomous Driving: Boosting Optical Flow with Synthetic Data

Optical flow is defined as the task of estimating per-pixel motion between video frames. Optical flow models take two sequential frames as input and return as output a flow vector that predicts where each pixel in the first frame will be in the second frame. Optical flow is an important task for autonomous driving, but […]

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Generating and Videolizing Agglomerative Processes

This short article explains how to efficiently simulate the evolution of agglomerative processes, and visualize their behavior with data animations. I use a generic, simple model for illustration purposes: atoms, initially consisting of one electron, collide and merge over time, with a pre-specified maximum number of electrons per atom: the maximum limit. Given enough time, […]

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Massively Speed-Up your Learning Algorithm, with Stochastic Thinning

Dramatically Speed-Up your Learning Algorithm, with Stochastic Thinning. Includes use case, Python code, regression and neural network illustrations.

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