My Book on Generative AI Now on Amazon

Published by Elsevier, available in print in January 2024. You can pre-order it now, here. The PDF version is available on my e-store. The book is fully written. It is offered at a steep discount to participants in my Generative AI certification program, available here.

This is the first technical book focusing on synthetic data and its applications, covering not just computer vision, but also time series, geospatial data, synthetic graphs and functions, AI art including sound and videos, stochastic-based synthetizations, generative AI via interpolation, agent-based modeling, shape generation and more.

This comprehensive reference on the topic features real-life datasets, enterprise-grade Python code, case studies, and technical details including state of the art application-oriented research results and algorithms.

The style is very compact, covering much more material than you would expect in 300 pages, thanks to dozens of clickable links pointing to the definitions of basic concepts. Despite covering advanced material, jargon and arcane theories are avoided, mathematics are kept to a minimum, and simple English is used to explain even the inner workings of complex methods such as GAN (generative adversarial networks).

With numerous internal links, a comprehensive index, bibliography and glossary, the reader can easily navigate between chapters to find the information most relevant to his business needs.

The author is regularly featured as one of the top experts in AI and machine learning. The full table of contents, sample chapters and Python code are available on my GitHub repository. More details, including about my other books, can be found on my e-Store, here.

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